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Introduction to Postdoctoral Education 
Preclinical Medicine Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station

Founded in 2001, Shandong University Preclinical Medicine Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station is one of the two Postdoctoral Mobile Research Stations of the School of Basic Medical Sciences. Now the station is authorized to confer doctoral degrees on 9 second-level disciplines, including Human Anatomy and Histology & Embryology, Immunology, Pathobiology, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Medical Genetics, Neurobiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It also owns two key laboratories: the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education for Experimental Teratology, and the Key Laboratory of Shandong Province for Human Anatomy and Histology & Embryology. The station is strong in its teaching faculty with a number of scholars famous both at home and abroad.
For many years the station has been maintaining its focus on teaching and scientific research and thus its teaching and research levels come out top in corresponding disciplines among the schools of medicine in China. It has made a series of achievements both in teaching and research at the national or ministerial levels. Now the station is undertaking about 100 research programs at various levels including programs from WHO, National Natural Science Foundation, the State Science and Technology Committee and other organizations. 
The leaders of the School of Basic Medical Sciences have attached much importance to the postdoctoral work. Special personnel are arranged to be in charge of the Postdoctoral Research Fellows and favorable services are provided for them according to national and school related policies.

Clinical Medicine Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station

Shandong University Postdoctoral Mobile Research Station of Clinical Medicine was founded in 1999. It has three sub-stations distributed respectively in Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, the second Hospital of Shandong University, and Shandong Provincial Hospital. All postdoctors are under the management of Shandong University School of Basic Medical Sciences.
The station began to recruit post doctors in 1999. Up to now, there are more than 20 who have worked or are working here. Its disciplines and specialties have covered all the second-level disciplines authorized of conferring doctoral degree. In order to strengthen its management, the School of Basic Medical Sciences and the hospitals have established special management institutions responsible for the development planning, management objectives, management system, equipping research facilities, as well as daily management and services with the aim to provide good services for postdoctoral work. 

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